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What year was Bill Gilroy a pro at Mouse Golf Country Club?

What year was Bill Gilroy a pro at Mouse Golf Club? That is, when he won the U.S. Open in Dallas in 1980. He became the first player from Texas to win the tournament. Since then there have been Texas hold’em legends made in this country from Texas Hold’em to Texas Hold’em high poker and Texas Hold’em low poker.

So, let’s review. Bill Gilroy won the first ever U.S. Open. Then along came Jimmy Phelan, an Australian from Melbourne. Jimmy won the next two U.S. Opens.

So we know the names of the guys who won the first two US Opens. We also know that Bill Gilroy played in many more tournaments after he won the first two. What year was it? When did he become a Tour pro?

I have to assume that it was after he won the third Open. He was playing for his country, South Africa, in the summer and was in very good form. He was making one or two extra shots on the putt into a hazard every other hole. He was in the clear with a share of the green fees. He definitely would have played better if not for the injuries.

Jimmy Phelan played the U.S. Open in the same year as Gilroy. Jimmy played in the same conditions as Gilroy, too. The only difference was that Jimmy was making four or five extra shots from the fairway and putting them in the hazard. He almost lost it at the end, though, finishing thirteenth out of ten.

Jimmy Phelan didn’t play at the Masters in that year.

Though he qualified for the US Open, he didn’t go there. This is strange, considering how good he was at the time. So, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when we find out that what year was Bill Gillroy a pro at mouse golf club? That would make him the greatest ever!

It doesn’t matter what year he was. He is still playing like a maniac today. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a few more trips to the Masters later on in life. He may even come back to play in the Tour event next year. He has the physical skills to compete at any level.

Who knows what year was Bill Gillroy a pro at mouse golf club? It might have been during his first trip to the Masters, or during one of his years at the University of Texas. The point is, we never know. You can be sure though, that anytime is Bill Gillroy. He’s always in the mood. He’s ready to show you what he can do.

I remember seeing him about eight years ago at a Friendsgiving party.

He came dressed for the occasion. He had on a nice shirt and had on a thin tie. His tie was a little thin, but I don’t think it looked all that attractive on him. In fact, it probably turned some people off. Not because his tie was too thin, but because of the shirt he was wearing.

Bill always looked sort of bad – in bad hair, at least. It wasn’t pretty, but it was the only kind of look he had. That’s just one of those things about Bill, which makes you wonder, what year was Bill a pro at Mouse Golf Club? I don’t think he cared – I think he just wanted to play golf, whatever that entails. At the time, I didn’t care much.

Then, about a year ago, I was talking to a buddy of mine, and I asked her who the last person she had seen with a pro jacket was. She said her husband. So, I did some research and found out that Bill was indeed a retired professional golfer. The funny thing is, he never even tried to get into golf after he retired. He told me that at the time, he really just wanted to go to the driving range on Friday nights to play with his friends.

So, when I asked him what year was Bill a pro at Mouse Golf Club, he said, “ixties.” He said he got into golf at that time because his friend, who was a pro, asked him to go out with him one night, so they could all go to the driving range. Bill told me his friend was a pro, too, and he asked him if he could go, since he didn’t have to retire. The funny part is, his friend told him that Bill was only a “weekend warrior.”